Anonima Kunsthalle is localated at  Zentrum, Varese. Zentrum is a temporary storage of artworks, ideas, toughts, and other stuff about contemporary art.


Other realities at Zentrum


Riss(e) / directed by Ermanno Cristini

“Riss” in German means “fissure”, “crack”, “gash”, and from the crack the light breaks in. Riss(e) acts with the attitude of a wanderer: no map, no destination, no return, because the only destination is to begin again to leave. Riss(e) has this spirit.


Yellow / directed by Vera Portatadino

Yellow is a new scenario for painting. It's a space where Italian and international painters are invited to meet, interact, experiment, present and discuss their own work. 


Surplace / directed by Luca Scarabelli and Ceare Biratoni, Umberto Cavenago, Rossella Moratto

 What happens when things interact and talk to each other, when ideas and souls give themselves a challenge, when they meet by assonance and compare or clash on the line of similarities and differences. Everyone knows when an exhibition starts, no one when it is over. The meaning of surplace is a sort of “inframince”.



Anonima Kunsthalle sister realities


Kunsthalle Novi

kunsthalle novi is a “museum” inspired by the great twentieth-century tradition of “canned museums” or portable museums, derived from Duchamp. It is, to be more precise, an “artist-run space” currently located in a small niche on the external wall of the Town Hall in Novi Ligure, but that could be in the future relocated elsewhere in the city. It has its own wall-plate.



I'm a KCC, a Kunsthalle in Cabièj