1st january 2019


The new artistic director of Anonima Kunsthalle is nominated, welcome Luisa Turuani


1st january 2018

The new artistic director of Anonima Kunsthalle is nominated, welcome Lisa Andreani


18th june 2017

Fabrizio Bellomo, Marco Fontichiari and Silvia Hell are exhibited at Anonima in the exhibition "Show Memorysize Of"


24th April 2017

Anonima Kunsthalle has its second sister organization: KCC


26th march 2017
Opening of the show: "Any Kind of Vision in the Air" involving Mattia Pajè, Daniele Pulze and Caterina Erica Shanta


05th february 2017 

Anonima Kunsthalle presents "is the ATMO at home", the first show ofthe programming directed by Gabriele Tosi involving the artists Davide Bertocchi, Hannes Egger and Fabrizio Perghem


23th january 2016 

Anonima Kunsthalle born on Instagram and Facebook 


20th january 2016

Anonima Kunsthalle born on Tumblr


december 2016

Cristini and Scarabelli decide to nominate a director to run the Kunsthalle. They invite the independent curator Gabriele Tosi


11th december 2016

The opening of the second exhibition: "Rapsodia per piastrelle" a solo show by Ingeborg Lüscher


23th october 2016

Anonima Kunsthalle presents the first exhibition: "Evviva" a solo show by Corrado Levi 


21th october 2016

Anonima Kunsthalle has its first sister organization: Kunsthalle Novi


september 2016

/\nonim/\<unsthalle born thanks to Ermanno Cristini and Luca Scarabelli. They decided to locate this particular Kunsthalle on a tiled wall of a former kitchen at Zentrum in Varese