Anonima Kunsthalle born in anonymous form in 2016. The Kunsthalle is located on a tiny and tiled wall of a former kitchen at Zentrum in Varese. The artistic director changes every year, therefore the research and the activities of the organization can deeply mutate in time. The programming includes a series of groups shows and a tumblr where contents of the web related to the topic of the exhibitions are reblogged on a daily bases.





For the 2017 the invited artistic director Gabriele Tosi proposed a programming composed by 8 group shows  based on a research about the human nature to understand the environment by harvesting data to be given forms.


For the 2018 the invited artistic director Lisa Andreani proposes a programming composed by 6 solo shows where will be shown heterogeneous researches that will touch different fields.


For the 2019 the invited artistic director Luisa Turuani proposes a programming composed by artists who explore the dimension of time and how it could be visible in different kind of contexts and experiences.







Ermanno Cristini

Vera Portatadino

Luca Scarabelli